Sunday, September 27, 2009

Austin Tri Recycles 90% of all trash

The Austin Triathlon was able to recycle 90% of all the trash generated at the event. Many thanks to all of the event staff and volunteers who made this possible.

The Austin Triathlon has planned carefully to reduce the amount waste created at this event. Food items are designed to be hand held, requiring very little serving dishes or plates and all beverages are served in recylable containers. In addition, The Austin Triathlon is one of the first events in Austin to removed bottled water from the event. Instead of plastic bottled water, each participant received a souvenier reusable bike bottle filled with City of Austin water. Participants could re-fill the bottle at one of the many water moster stations.

Check out our recycling report for the facts.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cunningham, Ficker win AVIA Austin Triathlon

Austin, TX – Local professional triathletes Richie Cunningham and Desiree Ficker win the 3rd annual AVIA Austin Triathlon.

Richie Cunningham dominated the event by leading right from the gun. Andrew Yoder mounted an early charge on the bike but was forced to drop due to illness. Cunningham cruised through the 10 kilometer run to win by a margin of 3 minutes. James Cotter and James Bales grabbed second and third place, respectively.

Desiree Ficker and Kelly Handel treated everyone to a show with a competitive race throughout. Ficker used a strong bike and run to overcome the deficit to Handel after the swim. Terra Castro rounded out the podium to make it a trio of Austin women.

2000 participants and thousands of spectators enjoyed the beautiful weather and Austin’s hospitality. All were welcome at the renowned post race carnival.  The Austin Triathlon is annually held on Labor Day in the heart of downtown Austin. High Five Events is proud to partner with AVIA and Jack & Adam’s Bicycles to produce this event. Visit for more information.

  1. Richie Cunningham 1:53:26
  2. James Cotter 1:56:29
  3. James Bales 1:57:55
  4. Derek Yorek 1:58:22
  5. Paul Terranova 2:00:09
  6. Joe Thorne 2:01:27
  7. Derick Williamson 2:03:14
  8. Lon Breitenbach 2:04:17
  9. Todde Withycombe 2:04:24
  10. Dion Harrison 2:05:18
  1. Desiree Ficker 2:06:21
  2. Kelly Handel 2:06:52
  3. Terra Castro 2:10:01
  4. Mina Pizzini 2:11:12
  5. Tracy Robertson 2:11:19
  6. Sierra Snyder 2:11:57
  7. Jolene Wilkinson 2:15:36
  8. Natasha Van Der Merwe 2:18:34
  9. D’Ann Arthur 2:19:06
  10. Lianne Evans 2:19:15
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